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Friday, August 11, 2006

Fly Naked!

I have a solution for airline safety. The problem is just about anything can be used as a weapon these days. Why don’t we require that everybobdy fly naked? There wouldn’t be no hiding nothing from nobody. It would take a very determined person to conceal a weapon somewhere about their naked body, and they should be pretty easy to spot just by the way they walk. This idea came to me in a dream that Bob was downloading to me…in the dream I was on an airplane. I was sitting in an aisle seat reading the instructions on the barf bag when I noticed that I was stark raving naked. What Bob was trying to tell me was that we should all fly naked!

It could have some drawbacks I suppose. For instance a retiree flight to Florida could be pretty gruesome to sit through.

So why not check all luggage, no carry ons, and then have everybobdy fly naked!



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